AIS 140 is the standard for safety and security features required for all public


Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) is an independent, indigenously


Internet of Things (IoT) is a term used to describe the utilization of wireless technology


GPS Stands for "Global Positioning System." GPS is a satellite navigation system

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Sensestar solution is a manufacturing and marketing IoT company which connects organization to their field resources with innovative solutions with fully customized fleet management solution, designed to fit specific needs of various organizations and industries and thus dramatically improves their business operations.

Sensestar was established in order to become a part of the technological forefront and a key player in the GPS application development field. We wanted to allow any individual or corporation real-time access to its mobile or fixed assets anywhere, anytime for the purpose of obtaining vital and important information specific to each individual user.

AIS-140 approved GPS tracking device

AIS 140 is the standard for safety and security features required for all public Service vehicles, as defined in sub-rule (1) of rule 125H of the centre motor Vehicle rules, 1989, shall be equipped with vehicle location tracking device and one and more emergency buttons or SOS button. As per the Ministry of Road Transport

What is an AIS-140 approved GPS tracking devices and why it is mandatory?

The vehicles are increasing exponentially so does the need of regulation to ensure the efficiency and safety of public transportation system and also for the people who Commute with those vehicle.

AIS 140 VTS specification

•  ARAI certified GPS tracking Device • Government approved emergency button •  Embedded eSim • Dual Network Sim • Assisted GPS • Tracking through IRNSS/NavIC • 3 axis accelerometer and gyroscope • Communication to government servers • Dual IP addresses for PVT and SOS • Alert ID for emergency button • 8 hour internal battery backup • Unique ID for devices • Operate between 6VDC to 50VDC • Multi-slot GPRS • Multi-slot GPRS

How AIS Approved Devices Function?


Features of AIS-140 approved devices


What Are the Business Challenges?


No Fleet Visibility

Real-time Fleet Visibility Access your fleet’s real-time and historical activity at all times from any desktopor mobile device which helps in know your vehicles/assets and even recover the stolen assets.

Enhance Vehicle & Driver Safety

Poor driver behaviour which leads to frequent breakdown and accidents Monitor and coach driver behavior, utilize driver panic buttons, and keep your vehicles safe to operate.

High fuel costs

Reduce Fuel, Labor, & Other Costs Control idling, speeding, unauthorized usage, actual hours worked vs. hours claimed, and stay on top of maintenance

No insight into fleet utilisation

Give Access to Anyone and monitor fleet optimization and utilization Allow your management team to gain mobile workforce intelligence and control what they have access to

Difficult of providing proof of services

Investigate Trends & Measure KPIs Use GPS tracking to easily identify and track the key performance indicators that matter most to your business which result in scheduling maintenance etc.

Unhappy Customers

Get your customers talking for the right reasons. Responding quickly to emergencies, confirming job completion, billing more accurately and service more customers per day.

Can’t verify payroll

Extend your vehicle and asset lifecycles and use the data to assist with rightsizing your fleet. Improve dispatching (right vehicle, right place, right time). Expedite billing, identify crew members for payroll, log pre and post trip inspections. Eliminate unnecessary paperwork in the field and in the office. It increases the operational effectiveness.



When you run a business with a mobile workforce, accountability relates to how you hold drivers responsible for their time and use of company property. It’s also about how your business holds itself answerable to your customers. When you don’t know what your guys are doing or how they are spending their time, it causes issues from both these aspects of accountability.



When your drivers are reckless in company vehicles the consequences go far beyond just monetary, they can be fatal. So, there’s no question why safety is the number one challenge businesses with fleets of vehicles, trailers, and other equipment look to solve. Issues with safety range from unsafe driver behavior, vehicle accidents and your business’s liability for those accidents, and ensuring the safety of your employees and the public.



It’s a top priority for businesses to ensure their operations run as effectively as possible. For a fleet operation, increasing efficiency relates to ensuring vehicles and equipment receive preventative maintenance on schedule, working as efficiently as possible to deliver the best customer experience, ensuring fuel efficiency, and examining the utilization of vehicles and equipment.

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In the News

Sensestar has launched ARAI certified AIS-140 (Automotive Industry Standard) IRNSS compliant and certified vehicle telematics GPS Tracking Device.”

“Named STAR 01, the AIS-140 IRNSS certified vehicle tracking unit, is an advanced GSM and IRNSS terminal which can be used in tracking, I/O applications, serial data and real-time tracking with various MIS Reports.”

“The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Govt. of India, has made AIS-140 IRNSS Certified Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) mandatory on all public transport vehicles from April 2019.”